05 JULY 2017 | Graz, Austria | Jesse Nagle

The 2017 edition of the International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) was held at the Graz University of Technology, in Graz, Austria. The campus provided a fabulous backdrop for the event, with Convertible Trailer Manufacturing Worldwide (CTM WW) adding to its growing collection of awards in winning the Venture Award for its Convertible Solutions and specifically the Convertible Trailer.

The IPIC conference, now in its fourth year, was launched with the goal of reaching a more sustainable and hyperconnected era of logistics, supply chains and transportation across the globe. The IPIC Venture Award recognizes pioneers relating directly to the application of this initiative who are developing smart transportation solutions and improving logistics efficiency.

CTM WW Chief Executive Officer, Bill Pawluk expressed his gratitude upon receiving the award. “I am still surprised by how many people seem to know about us and how many of these people share in our passion for this initiative. This is a fantastic recognition from the industry for all of our efforts and vision.” In addition to this award, CTM WW also brought home the Automotive Global Award for Product Innovation earlier this year which can be seen here.

CTM WW continues to promote the Convertible Trailer as the solution to addressing empty miles and improving transport efficiency at conferences and events around the world. With manufacturing ramping up over the next few months, the company expects the positive recognition to continue.

For more information on the Convertible trailer visit www.convertibletrailers.com